PASCO Capstone

PASCO Capstone

Collects, analyzes and visualizes various data
PASCO Capstone v2.3
Apr 19, 2021
PASCO Capstone v1.4
May 13, 2015
PASCO Capstone v1.3
Feb 6, 2015
PASCO Capstone v1.2
Nov 6, 2014
PASCO Capstone v1.1
Aug 4, 2013
PASCO Capstone v1.0
Sep 1, 2012

What's new

v1.3 [Feb 6, 2015]
- Added support for the new PASPORT Smart Gate sensor (PS-2180)
- Added support for the new Polarimeter (PS-2235)
- Added a new 'Add Wireless' button to Hardware Setup
- Added new Inverse and Inverse Square curve fits without X0 term.
- Added RPM and RPS to Angular Speed measurements
- Improved menu for digital channel adapters in Hardware Setup
- Added Cosine Squared Curve Fit
- Major and minor bug fixes.

v1.1 [Aug 4, 2013]
- Fixed bug that was causing the Curve Fit to fail with 'Not enough selected points' in certain circumstances
- Fixed bug that was causing inadvertant Time axis scale changes when using two Oscilloscopes on the same page.
- Fixed bug that causing certain Capstone files to take a very long time opening.
- Fixed bug that was sometimes causing large amounts of sensor data to not replay properly.
- Fixed bug that was causing the PASPORT Force Sensor to stop working after sampling for a few minutes.
- Zero sensor now zeroes the Altitude measurement along with the Acceleration measurements of a 3-axis Accelerometer/Altimiter (PS-2136).
- Fixed bug that was causing odd numbers to appear for sample intervals of 1 hour for the 750.
- Fixed bug that was causing progress dialog issues when doing a firmware upgrade of the 850.
- Changing a generic measurement type for a measurement does not change the units if the measurements have the same unit types.
- Added enhancement to show a frame around the Movie display if it is currently displaying an empty frame.
- Fixed crash when Undo/Redo the enabling a selection in the Graph.
- Provide support for new license key types.

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